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Onyx and Alexa Design


Onyx and Alexa Design
  • These designs are FOR YOU LEGENDS.
  • FOR U who believe in the power of love.
  • FOR U who inspire others with you creative endeavors.
  • FOR U who want to help others reach their dreams.
  • FOR U who are looking for ways to express your originality.

Halloween and Thanksgiving Printables

Cassie Sparkle, a cute halloween witch brews coffee next to d cat Zuitntie in this printable halloween coloring page

Printable Coloring Pages

Kawaii Ice Cream and Air Balloon Coloring Page Ft. Kawaii Characters Camrin and Camren Chesni

Home and kitchen printables | Onyx and Alexa

Printable Kawaii Toast Bread Notes Featuring Kawaii Character Teresa Chesni

Creative office and organization printables | Onyx and Alexa

Halloween and Thanksgiving Printables

Love and Friendship Coloring Pages

Printable Coloring Love Note Kisses | Onyx and Alexa

Coffee and chocolate printable coloring pages | Onyx and Alexa

Printable Coffee and Ocean Breeze Wall Wow Photo | Onyx and Alexa

Music and film printables | Onyx and Alexa

Printable Coloring Page I Follow D Beat of My Heart Ft. Rowdy D Boombox


We're a brother and sister team. WE ARE ALL LEGENDS. We hope our Kawaii style characters and printables inspire you to have a #LEGENDARYDAY.


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