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We Are All Bitcoin

Why bitcoin? Its mysteries. Its stories.

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Last Update: September 5, 2020
Created: September 1, 2020

Art & Words by Alexa Aker on Twitter

We Are All Bitcoin

What would you like bitcoin to become? How could it empower people? How could it break down financial barriers? How could it help meet challenges to local and global issues? How could bitcoin grow, while remaining true to its founding principles? How could it help build dreams? How could it become a meaningful part of our everyday lives?

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Art & bitcoin crossed my path unexpectedly and I couldn't help but yearn to go deeper. I started illustrating 20 years ago, but creativity has many paths. I've enjoyed seeing life through photography, connecting with the world through web design, and feeling renewed through nature. I went down the rabbit hole, perhaps a bit over a year ago. As I go deeper into the pages of bitcoin's mysteries I can't help but imagine the possibilities it has of empowering and improving people's lives across the globe. I love the bitcoin spirit of diverse viewpoints working toward common goals. I dream of a bitcoin, as Square Crypto says for all.

Alexa Aker

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We Are All Bitcoin

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